Sparkling like my dreams...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Why do I try?
Love hurts so deeply.
Why did you lie?
Your love still sears through my veins.

I'm constantly trying to let you go,
This is the hardest thing to do,
Just wish I could let you know,
How much I still love you so.

I live my days without you,
The pain of losing you lingers,
You've moved on with someone new,
Leaving me to wonder if you ever think of me.

I'm stranded in my thoughts of we,
I drown every night in my bed,
Thoughts of a new lover overwhelm me,
I just wish I could get you out of my head.

Please free me from this hurt,
I'm tired of lying in misery,
I just want to move on,
So someone else can have the best of me.

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