Sparkling like my dreams...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Tracy, I love you.

Baby Tracy, I think you will be a boy, and I want to call you TJ, but that would be so unfair of me if you turn out to be a girl. I have already got some Winnie the Pooh stuff for your future room, and your Daddy has decided you will be a Cubs fan, and is planning on getting you the newborn package from We have even decided it would be okay if your Uncle Bobby wants you to wear Colts gear. No on the White Sox gear, but "okay" on the Colts. Your Grandpa made us cry today when he told us your Grandma Jeanie bought you your crib. I'm sure you will be a bad ass like your father and learn how to break free from "jail" at a young age. I just hope your not too rough on your momma. We saw you yesterday, your little hands and feet were so adorable, and you had your mommas big head. Whatever happens, I hope you are very healthy. I love you so much little one! I heard your heart beat, and I cried with happiness, because for the first time I heard a life inside of me. Im so worried about being a great mom for you, but I will do whatever it takes to make sure you have what you need my baby. Daddy feels the same way. He loves you with all his heart.