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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blog: Regrets and Stress

Lately I've had alot of regrets, and alot of stress. It's interfering with my sleep schedule, I find myself tossing and turning all night with these thoughts racing through my mind.

My first stressful thing would be my not knowing how to drive. Sounds silly for me not to be driving at 26, but I've kept this fear of driving, and I know I need to get over it. Also, I have to wait for my tax return so I can get a used car. There are other things I need to do with this tax return, but thats the most important. I also need a cell phone, especially in todays society.

My Grandma is in the hospital, which makes me regret not taking the time to get to know her, or just pick up the phone and call her from time to time. I only ever called when I needed to get in touch with my mom. Now that she is dying, its eating me up inside.

I'm also unemployed, I lost my job at Pilot. They kept dicking me around with hours til I finally missed a three hour shift at midnight and they fired me. Oh well, I say to myself, but in reality I needed what little money that provided. Hopefully I find gainful employment soon!

College, pfft. This is stress on my plate too, because I am having a VERY difficult time trying to decide on which college to attend. I was weighing the Art Institute for Culinary, and ITT Tech for computers. Both VERY different spectrums, but both I love very much.

Don't even get me started in the relationship department! Right now these other issues are on my mind, and fitting time in for romance is very hard to do! I'm so confused lately. *sigh*

Thats all for now. Peace, Love, and Gatorade.

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